The Brand

Panah is a London based brand focused on Artisanal Luxury.  Panah prides itself on being one of the very few British brands working alongside skilled craftsmen across the world.

Panah’s signature line collection is entirely ‘Made in Italy’ by craftsmen with over 25 years of experience in Luxury Shirts, Ties and Pocket Squares.

The collection features handcrafted products like Shirts, Leather Jackets, Brogues made by skilled artisans with decades of experience. Overall the brand focuses on offering niche designs and products targeted towards audiences who believe that ‘elegance does matter’.

Panah Fragrances

Panah launched its first collection of four mainline fragrances in 2016. Since then the brand has grown and achieved recognition from perfume collectors worldwide. Panah has clients in over 45 countries and operations in UK, US , UAE and India. Success in extremely competitive niche fragrance industry depends on how unique the product portfolio is. Our specialty is Gourmands and Citrus genre of fragrances. We deploy sophisticated perfume engineering techniques to formulate our perfumes. Our perfumers are based in US, Germany, France and Switzerland. Approximately 70% of our raw materials are sourced from Switzerland and are of highest quality available in the market.

The perfumes at Panah have been designed with an aim to provide the best of both worlds ( Natural and Synthesized Aroma Molecules ) and artistically craft perfumes which stand out .

Our perfumes are manufactured in Europe and we distribute our perfumes through selected distributors and boutiques. In fact a majority of perfume sales can be attributed to Private-Client sales.

The signature line of fragrances are entirely made in Europe under Panah London whereas the Panah Artisan line is a collaborative effort with perfumers worldwide.

Panah Artisan Pink Marc de Champagne Truffle and Strawberry Delight are entirely crafted in USA by Master Perfumer Kedra Hart and stands as a benchmark for wearable chocolate based gouramands.