1.Do you ship international?

Yes! Although we are currently focused on catering European clients we will be more than happy to fulfill international customer orders. All international customers will be responsible for the import duties or customs charges with the exception of  The United States.For any assistance with regards to import duties in your country please contact our customer services. Customers should contact before hand if any clarifications with regards to customs and duties is required.

We do not take responsibility for customs clearance and you will need to pay these costs to release your order from customs before it is delivered to you.

2. Which countries do you ship perfumes ?

We ship perfumes to:

EU (  Network coverage by road ) – 9.99 GBP

Switzerland/Norway/Iceland/Turkey - 20 GBP

US  ( All deliveries handled by our warehouse facility in Delaware/California ) -11.99 GBP

RUSSIA: ( Moscow and St. Petersburg Region only) – 25 GBP

Middle East ( UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Oman ) – 20 GBP

LATAM : Brazil – 25 GBP

ASEAN: Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia – 20 GBP ( Inquire for others)

Australia/Canada – 25 GBP

Rest of World : Fedex and DHL are able to deliver in majority of countries. Please send us query for specialised quote.

3.US customers import duties and returns facility query?

Due to increased demand from our US clients, we have now a warehouse facility in the US which stocks our perfumes.  US customers are allowed to import goods worth $800 without paying any import duty as per the new notification by US Customs.